Tapping Into Your Body’s ‘Rest and Digest’ System Boosts Your Mood and Microbiome—Here’s How To Do It

When certain stress hormones like cortisol are chronically elevated, we aren’t able to break down food and absorb nutrients as well. Here’s how to harness your body’s ‘rest and digest’ system for optimal health.

A few things about me: I saw Clueless in theaters, vividly remember buying low-rise jeans the first time they were popular, and flirted with my middle school crush by burning him a CD off of Napster. All of this is to say that I am old enough to need an eye cream.

Most dermatologists recommend shifting your focus to your under-eye area around the time you hit 30 (which, for me, was 2 and a half years ago), as this spot is among the first to show visible signs of skin aging. I’m also admittedly not great at clocking a solid eight hours of sleep (even women in their 30s are not immune to getting stuck in TikTok holes until 4 a.m., okay?), which means I often wake up with puffiness and dark circles.

But despite being a beauty editor who knows full well that she should be using an eye cream every day, I’ve historically… not done that. I hate sticking my fingers in the little pots of cream, the gunky feeling many formulas leave under my eyes, and the irritation to my contact lenses that often comes along with using an eye cream, and the fact that they typically feel a lot more expensive than any 1-ounce formula has a right to be. I’ve tried—and despised—dozens of different formulas, until I tested Bubble Morning Rays ($16), which gives me lots to love and nothing to complain about.